Christmas Book Cheer

A new year is upon us. Happy New Year! Here’s what’s first up on my reading hit list for 2022. I’m about 2/3 of the way through Louis Theroux’s Theroux the Keyhole. It’s really nicely written. Just diary/journal format – where he writes pretty much a page a day.

The book starts just as the pandemic starts and it’s fascinating to read about other people’s experiences of the beginning of pandemic. I find myself nodding and smiling, whispering “same bro” under my breath every once in a while.

It’s also interesting to be brought right back to where it all began. I’ve been talking with friends recently about how much they can remember about this time last year. Having seen similar conversations on Twitter, I have to assume that the collective trauma we’ve all experienced is probably massive and our brains are trying to protect us from the constant shots. Caitriona has a lot to say on this – I might pester her to do a blog post on it.

Anyway, I’m also 3/4 the way through Klara and The Sun, a recommendation given to me by Shane Hickey-O’Mara on Twitter. I’ve been loving it so far, though I feel like something really upsetting is coming and so I haven’t picked it up in about 3 days. Another act of self protection no doubt…

I really enjoy seeing what people are planning to read in 2022 and so I say if you have a book hit list or reading list, please share photos on social media so I can spend 20 minutes staring at the photo… Happy New Year, I wish you health, happiness and all that good stuff but also I wish you loads of money. Like, stupid amounts of money – and I hope you blow lots of it doing frivolous things.

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